MiniGames Bundle

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MiniGames are small scale incentive plans designed to correct a weakness or capitalize on an opportunity. This bundle includes everything you need to create & design successful MiniGames with your team, including: 


MiniGames Idea Factory

MiniGames Handbook: Driving Team Performance

MiniGame Jump Drive

  • Learn It: MiniGames - presentation audio and Powerpoint PDF
  • Do It: MiniGames - presentation audio and Powerpoint PDF
  • MiniGames: Get Creative - presentation Powerpoint PDF
  • MiniGames 10-Step Design Handout
  • MiniGames design worksheet
  • 20-page excerpt on MiniGames from the Get in the Game Workshop workbook, featuring the how's, why's and how-to's of effective MiniGames, as well as lots of ideas and examples

    The MiniGame Bundle is the perfect way to educate your team on this powerful Great Game tool!